Phrases are intoxicating.

Like the song title: Where from Here.

It sounds so melancholy and thoughtful and resounds so clearly as I contemplate that very question.  Where from here?  Where from here?

I’ve been reading Donald Miller’s blog almost every day.  It reads like a daily administration of good advice, sound thinking, reaffirming motivation.  “Luck favors the prepared” he says.

“YES! Yes it does” I think to myself and nod along in agreement.

Life seems so full of truth and heart-evoking responses of late.  I wonder why.  Is it the approaching graduation date; is it the near end of the chapter I am living?  I feel this same way as I approach the end of a book.  You read with with a hesitation:  you want so desperately to finish the book; to find out what happens, to participate in some way with the conclusion of this story….

and yet….

the bitter sweetness of it envelops you as you close the back cover back upon the handful of pages you have just consumed. Its over.  You will never know more.  The road you have been walking has ended.

Where from here?

Its always another book.  Another story.  Another road.  Another lesson, another heartbreak…. but where? when? how? and who?

Graduation, YES!  and then…